I used to worry about what the world is really like, as opposed to how people must think about it, but now I understand that this is a crazy thing to want. To want to think what the world is like with nobody thinking about it is like wanting to go to a place where nobody is, to be loved by somebody who is so cool he loves nobody, to belong to a club that wouldn’t take me for a member. It’s an intrinsically self-defeating goal.


3 thoughts on “Objectivity

  1. Agreed. The idea of un-thought reality reminds me of how Ambrose Bierce defined realism: “The art of depicting nature as it is seen by toads.”

    We can’t conceive of such a reality and it would be intolerably boring even if we could.

  2. Responsibility?

    Because traversing the barren no mans land of what the world is really like is what is generally required to alleviate misery. Certainly I’d argue immunisation involved this, and how many people do you see dying of polio or crippled by it?

    Further just in terms of supply of resources. How many people go hungry Vs how much food is thrown in the waste? Alleviating such a thing requires navigating more than just ‘well, all my friends seem fine, so everything is fine’ thinking.

  3. I would argue that one can observe and respect objectivity whilst also enjoying our own feelings and views of things, albeit carefully. We can acknowledge the absolute objective of someone while still loving them, we can analyze a cigar while still enjoying its fine flavor, talk about the good health benefits of a steak while enjoying its taste. it is a sort of duality, and if the objective analysis is unnecessary and getting in the way of the enjoyment of the good things in life, perhaps it is safer to relax it in some cases.

    Then again, should not the cigarette smoker always remember that his calming puffs are cutting his life shorter? Perhaps there is a fine line between wanton ignorance of luxuries when it is to our benefit in enjoyment, and when it is harmful.

    I’ll admit it does make an effect upon a man. I analyze things so much I know I’m not enjoying some things the way I used to. Putting away one’s own feelings and constantly hammering one’s perception towards cold reality does take a lot of warmth and fun out of things. I am already cold and hard, and perhaps this journey has only made me more so. Perhaps it is my hard nature that lead me to this path to begin with. Or synergy between the two. In any case, it is hard to go back after starting the process.

    I’ve heard some people who have worked around television and movies say that you can’t enjoy movies or TV anymore, not the same way you did, before you worked with it. I suppose this is true in every aspect of life and the general journey itself. Once you have seen the truth, it cannot be unseen. Even the ability for a man to want ignorance, to “go back to the way it was” has its limits and shortfalls. You come to peace with the hard truth and what you have lost.

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