Corporate Cafeteria

There is a little-used corporate cafeteria on the B2 level and sometimes I go there to get the egg salad sandwich, the soup of the day and either iced tea or coke. I usually don’t talk to anybody. When I’m in my cubicle I never talk to anybody. I work. I write copy for herbal supplements that are supposed to cure cancer and dementia and erectile disfunction although they do not, or if they do their curative powers are a result of the ingester’s belief that they will, and he could just as well drink water and save himself the 29.95 for the Alacra Package plus shipping and handling.

A young woman whose face had so many freckles that they joined together into a mottled pattern, and red hair, and the manga character of one piece on her back pack sat next to me one day and asked what I did for a living. I told her that I lied for a living and that made sense because the purpose of language was to deceive.

“How can that be?” she asked “Deception is only possible if most of what people say is true?”

I was sure she was lying to trick me, and indeed this was the case because when I returned to work I found she had stolen my egg salad sandwich.

Her name was Seraphina and later during war time I ran into her during a snowball fight we were having during a break in the action, and I said “Play is just a way we practice for war.”

“How can that be true?” she asked me. “The only reason we have war is to achieve peace so that we can have the freedom to love and play.”

And she hit me in the nose thwack with a snow ball.

When the intersubstantiate freed us of our physical bodies and absorbed us into the Omnisubstance I searched for her through crystals of the Adi Purusha. I found her at one of the Reflexive Junctures of Paramashiva and said “I have my guess at the riddle! Our mortal lives were simply a rehearsal for being dead.”

“Fuck that noise.” said Seraphina.


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