Downloading from the Pleroma, Downloading from the Plethora

A lot of people have asked how you can distinguish between downloading from the Pleroma — the cosmic super-abundance or fullness of all that is, and the Plethora — the inconceivably fractal multiplicity of all the distinct things there are.  As more or less everybody knows these days, the cosmic attributes and the personal attributes exist in a dialectical synthesis, like the vinegar and oil in a whipped vinaigrette dressing, and our continual interaction with both is what keeps them from separating.  That said, it is a safe bet to proceed by the tried-and-true method of coinciding opposites.  So, obviously, if you want to download the Fullness, make yourself empty, and if you want to become an expression of the ultimate variegated multiplicity, make yourself simple.  At the moment of achieving (or better, failing to achieve) emptiness there comes a rushing up as of mighty waters into the imagination and your speech will become not your own. You will be unable to remember even a single word!  And the things you find your mouth saying (or fingers typing!) will be a jet of water from a deep well — the  Pleroma.  Similarly at the moment you have become entirely unified and like a single point you will suddenly find yourself saying a million different things, and these are all from the Plethora.

Where else?


3 thoughts on “Downloading from the Pleroma, Downloading from the Plethora

  1. Two thoughts, both completely serious, though I’m not sure if your blog post was serious or “just funnin’ with us:”

    First, the distinction between the Pleroma and the Plethora (if those are things in someone’s philosophy or religion — I’m still getting my feet wet with Kierkegaard and I’ve never before heard of them) strikes me as only apparent. Separation and multiplicity are aspects of reality only as we perceive it. Even in our own experience, we find that as our knowledge and understanding grow, we start to see things less atomistically and more as interrelated parts of a single system, and as we learn even more, their separateness seems to dissolve. That is why in Exodus 33:20, God tells Moses that “You cannot see My face, for man may not see Me and live.” To stand before the Throne of Glory is to be annihilated as a separate individual and absorbed into the One.

    Second, something that you might already have thought in view of your day job: We are never quite sure if we, ourselves, are serious characters or are clowns in someone’s comedy, perhaps even our own. We’re all pretty hilarious at times, usually without intending to be. We can at least hope that God is enjoying the show. We might not understand much about the Divine nature, but we’re pretty sure He has a sense of humor. 🙂

  2. In the very least God’s laughing at our plans!

    Our bodies themselves are both singular and cosmic–the iron in our blood originated in supernovae that blew up long before our sun was born. But when a mosquito chomps down and steals my supernova blood, I feel the pain and aggravation of an intrusion to MY body.

    A friend purged her apartment of 90 percent of her belongings, and soon after she got a new boyfriend and a new job. This, after being single and jobless for a while. From emptiness to fullness.

    It’s interesting that while interconnectivity is easier than ever with new technology, at the same time, each of us is more alone than ever, heads buried in our phones.

    ps. thanks for an awesome workshop this weekend. Due to salsa dancing until the late hours, my mind was blank, total mush. But you and your colleagues filled it up with piles of nuggets and laughs!

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