The Smith Woman and the Relict of the Tan Man – PART TWO

She had an interesting story about how she came to have this sort of capacity for solving problems directly, physical courage, and an unsettling gaze.  During the Civil Disturbance of twenty years or so ago (before the Reboot) she had been born in a small room to two young parents.  As she grew up she realized that the room was in fact a panic room and her parents were the surviving mother of a family who had been killed in a home invasion and the house cook.  When she and her parents emerged and reclaimed the house this gave her a perspective on the topsy-turvy labile nature of human social relationships; what the men of the middle ages called the wheel of Fortuna that spins leaving a man one day the owner of a mansion the next a criminal in a work gang in Alaska.

While she was growing up in the Panic Room the Smith woman had come across a piece of fabric that she believed belonged to her true father, and the notion that a true father existed outside the panic room and that he would one day save him kept hope alive during many a difficult moment.  Upon her release she realized that this scrap of fabric did not belong to her father at all but to a figure at once more mysterious and more familiar.  During one drunken night as we watched cartoons on a barge headed towards freedom she told me who the relict had actually belonged to…



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