The Smith Woman and the Relict of the Tan Man

My old job had a pretty serious sexual harassment problem and one of the executive assistants who was an excellent athlete dealt with it with physical violence which made me her biggest fan.  We had a leering director of indirect reports and he came up behind her when she was at the copy machine and she punched him twice, -once in the throat which made him double over and gag and then once in his nose which broke it.  She drank more wine at work than was consistent with company policy and was put on leave and ultimately found another job but the director actually changed his behavior and in fact never could breathe quite properly afterwards which I think.  Her name was Smith.  I think he came up behind her from behind because he couldn’t stand her piercing skeptical gaze.



One thought on “The Smith Woman and the Relict of the Tan Man

  1. Does kind of highlight though how people are expected to leave themselves in vulnerable positions in order to keep the machine moving rather than being able to resort to anything. Sure, the assaulter does the assaulting, but does the system keep the proposed victim from being able to do anything to prevent it? Is the system enabling the assaulter at that point, as it keeps a monopoly on violence?

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