The Face of the Rock

A lot of people have started saying that the Spherical Perfect Being of the Stoickal philosophy has no face because it is everywhere, nobody needs to look at it.

I think that when you smash a rock each of the bits has many faces.

“It’s good.  The rain is needed.  We need rain.”

A lot of of people have started saying that of course when you have a face and you smile and the person smiles back at you it is like two organs within the body exchanging chemical signals.  Because, as a lot of people are saying, human being is a multiple-bodied social organism.  After all, as a lot of people say, Aristotle says, a man who can live alone is either a beast or a god.

I think when you smash something into many faces not all of the faces are human — if you keep smashing it to dust and you look at the dust under a microscope you will see some of the faces are animal faces.  Some of the faces are gods.  Some of them are actually spheres that seem to be the spherical perfect being.  but are not.

I think when you look at them under the microscope they are pollen.  The pollen which the stoics called “LOGOI SPERMATIKOI” — sperms of reason — are pieces of an ecocystem which is the wind and the flowers in the field.

Man is a tree in the field.

“I’m happy it is raining.”


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