Bogus Yogis, The Problem of

-There is a terrible problem of bogus yogis — people who claim to be teaching and practicing yoga but who are not  Yoga is a yoke — it connects heaven and earth, infinite and finite, body and spirit.  But all these so-called “yogis’ do is stretches.

-What would you do?

-We need a rule for the proper use of the word “yogi”.  If you are just teaching people to stretch you cannot call yourself “yogi”.

-So a licensing exam?

-A license that would see if the person claiming the title “yogi” is truly yoking together the finite and the infinite — if they are a lover of eternity in this very body.

-Would the true lover submit to a licensing exam?  Can you test the artist from the faker, the lover from the libertine?

-Can you?

-Do you even want to?

-Kiss me.


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