Thoughts on Dm-ing a Campaign Where Everybody has Easy Access to the Wish Spell

I’m not sure how to do this.  A lot of the powerful monsters — archdevils, super-demons, deities — have the wish spell.  So could they just wish the party dead?  Could they wish that the party forgets about their existence?  I’m not sure how to handle that.  I’m not sure how to handle a fight between two players each of whom has the wish spell.  Let’s say two wizards, Azamntinius and Berylio who have hated each other for years (each of them killed the other’s beloved monster companion, a ki-rin and a manticore respectively) and they come face to face with each other.

Berylio: I wish you were dead Azamantinius! (casting 9th level spell Wish)

Azamntinius: I wish you were dead, Berylio (casting 9th level spell Wish)

How am I supposed to DM that encounter?  Just have the roll dice and whoever gets the highest zotzes the other guy’s character?  Is this D&D or high card?

Maybe there’s a way to do it with multiverses.  Each of them creates a universe in which the other one does not exist?   So each of them effectively wishes the other one out of the campaign?  And then I as DM meet each of them separately from their on in?

So if the party runs into  Asmodeus and he wishes them dead, I can continue the campaign.  I just say “hey Asmodeus just vanished!  Maybe he never existed!”  And I keep running the campaign.

I just know in my mind that there’s another campaign going on in which Asmodeus is still around and the party is gone?

What I’m tempted to do is create a campaign in which everybody has the wish spell but there is very limited access to ideas about what to do with it.  You would have to go on quests to get ideas that everybody has in our world like “flight” or “living forever”.  Without a scroll with the idea of “living forever” you cannot use wish to live forever.  The game does not limit power, it limits knowledge (or imagination which is a brand of knowledge — I follow Coleridge on this.)

But how do I get player’s to actually roleplay a lack of imagination?  Isn’t that the opposite of what makes D&D fun?

This may be a new boundary in game play that nobody has yet crossed.  In (approximately) equal measure it both beckons and repels!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dm-ing a Campaign Where Everybody has Easy Access to the Wish Spell

  1. Simcha Weinberg says:

    Is it 4am where you are? Is this what’s on your mind at 4am? Then, how the hell are you so much more productive than I? Can you please teach me how to cast such spells? Not to harm, but to be better… You are so lucky my green eyed view of you is not a spell!

    Yes, David is more alive to me than are most walking beings hiding from life one way or another. The consistency between Halacha, Abraham being a walker of a path, the Buddha, the Ancient Tibetan a-Gro-ba.., speaks to me of Truth soiled by religion, visible to those who achieve the humility ascribed to Moses and Buddha

    My comments about shaming will probably be voice; just too ashamed to write

    Hope this is coherent Big Hugs

    BTW: if I ever have a Mitzvah opportunity to share do you want me to ask you or prefer not. I recently raised big loan to bail out someone’s business and all paid back and didn’t know how you would feel about being asked

    Sent from my iPhone Simcha Weinberg rabbiweinberg@thefoundationstone.org


  2. At least in 5e, as I understand it, wish duplicates a lower level spell or it’s kind of up to the DM. Personally I’d have an inclination to think how you get demons is from wish wars – the demonic aspects of the being and their location comes from partially foiling other wish spells that would have annihilated them. Instead they become twisted, neither annihilated nor as they were. Wish touched. Also in 5e as I understand it after a certain random number of uses, you just can’t do wishes anymore after wishing for wild things. That could explain why the big guys don’t erase the party – or that they did erase other NPC parties, but can’t anymore.

    Restricting knowledge but not power…sounds too much like science, man! :p

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