Jarett in the King’s Canopy

When Jarett landed on the Cinnamon Island he lost his power.  Nobody knows why.  One person who told me this story thought it was because he had been cursed by the Vermillion Magician when they had fought over the Dextrous Princess, but I don’t think that’s right.  From my point of view Jarrett’s power at this stage of his life came and went unpredictably, depending upon season and locale, and Cinnamon Island was very far from Jarrett’s heart, because of the way they did things there.

In the King’s Canopy high above the forest floor was a menagerie and in a cage was a remarkable monkey who was capable of human speech and reasoning and was able to play Shoji.  Jarrett had lost his power but he could still play Shoji.  He asked to play Shoji with this Remarkable Beast.  If he won they would give him his canoe back, if he lost they would feast on his flesh, because the inhabitants of the Cinnamon Island were anthropophagi.

Looking in the eyes of the sagacious monkey, Jarrett saw the gleam of mutual comprehension.  “Look, fellow!” he hissed.  “They lied to you.  You are not a remarkable Monkey.  You are a man who they have lied to and told him he is a beast.  Your remarkable abilities are not a sign of freakish precocity but are what you are born to.”

“I see.” whispered the monkey, or as we realize now, Man.

They played to stalemate and Jarrett’s power returned to him; it was at this stage in his career that he composed The Little Rowing Song.

He and the monkey sang the song, which added strength to their arms and terorized their pursuers. In a moment they seized the canoe and were gone across the waves.


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