What are We Going to Do

with the others, Joanna?

sometimes I think we should run from them

sometimes that we should chase them.


they horrify me Joanna that you should

have to live in a world with people like that

who do those things, say those things


they touch their lips with their tongues like they want to eat us

they ignore us like they want to let us die

they sniff us like we will make us vomit.  They hate our love.


One of them like the 90s sitcom Seinfeld too much

For him, crushing beneath an iron wheel.  One too little

Let him be blinded in the wilderness of crows.  Speaking of crows


One of them pronounces the initial “c” when he makes the sound

a rooster makes.  There is no c.  Let his testicles be halved, and the two halves

sewn together and placed in his throat, a third testicle, I love you Joanna..


In the morning after we have performed the third or even the fourth sex act

And fallen asleep I have dozed.  I have imagined you dreamed that I was one of them

I dreamed there is nothing I would like better than for you to end it with me, to end me,

to go on alone and inflict on me the punishment of being crushed by rocks.



3 thoughts on “What are We Going to Do

  1. Demosthenes says:

    Sorry to say this has affected me and has been on my mind. I have been waiting for others to comment to hopefully ease my mind, but that hasn’t panned out 😦 so I thought I’d give it my useless 2 cents to maybe ease some of my personal unease… I unprofessionally would say maybe Joanna’s boyfriend has some paranoid personality disorder going on. He’s awful suspicious of others with possible delusions (the lip licking, etc). Maybe that explains the hostility and fantasies of harming others. It’s probably his (or her?) own personal inadequacies that he’s truly scared of ruining their love, and then he’s projecting that onto other people? I think he may come to recognize his role in the relationship failing at the end. But I don’t think they’d have sex 3 times-which seems like it happens routinely- unless their relationship was stable. Unless it’s an addiction thing.

    • I think a lot of people are afraid that if others are different that it’s somehow a threat. I agree with you that that’s crazy, but we see it in people with no diagnosis too. Like people who think that if people can have gay relationships, somehow social chaos will result. I put this fear in the mouth of somebody in a romantic relationship — just you and me understand each other, but the world is a scary place full of people who don’t understand us — because I think that’s an attitude it’s easier to empathize with. Ultimately in the poem the narrator has a fantasy of suicide — he fears he might be one of the “others” who must be shunned and destroyed.

      • Demosthenes says:

        Thank you for responding Sir! I’m honored 🙂 I see what we truly need is the perspective of Joanna in all of this. That’s the takeaway I can live with. Thanks for making me feel better about this!

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