Political Discussion

At the end of a long march they were talking about politics.  “We should go back to the time when everybody felt they were a big family and worked together” said Nimmi.  “That’s crazy” said Raoul.  “That led to incredible loss of life and wars.  We should go back to a time when people were united by a common belief about what Truly Matters.”  “That would mean going back to the bloodletting of the Inquisition.” said Marie.  “We should go back to the time when we were simple technologically undeveloped bands of hunter gatherers who wandered across the savannah.”  “Oh but that led to all the other things — to slavery and religion and then wars of national conquest.” said another.  But they fought alongside each other when the Ant-Men of Kadap attacked and they were swallowed all three of them — Nimmi, Raoul, and Marie — and the ant-men brought them back to life in virtual form inside the brain of the Hive Queen there to conduct their political dialogue until eternity and a day.  Maybe they have figured it out by now.

Hope so!


2 thoughts on “Political Discussion

  1. Thanks for the philosophical aerobics Eric😎

    I love stretching out my thoughts & beliefs with your verbal downward dogs!

    As an American of African Ancestry who grew up with the optimism of the American dream, and the post civil-rights confidence of a butterfly having no memory of the chrysalis, I share my perspective open to any possible experiential bias:

    Your fable reminded me of Wayne Dyer’s words ‘when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change’. So as a ‘Power Empathy’ coach who helps people with nonviolent communication and empathic listening skills, part of me believes that the way forward is with NEW thoughts that create NEW words, thus creating NEW actions.

    I was talking with a friend who used different colors to describe people. I asked him what color the sky was, what color the grass was and if humans were shades of brown. Totally tripped him out. Point being, if words of separation prevent connection, then an empathic nation is contingent on us/them prevention (IMHO). Did I catch any of what you were getting at? 😉

    ~Tony Scruggs ‘#TheEmpathyGuy’ (“Together We Rise, Together We Fly”)

    “Take a look at the things that you’ve been told. Review the beliefs that you hold. Notice the one’s that nourish your soul. And peacefully let the other one’s go” ~Whitman

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