Oh Frederick!

The prince fell in love with a beautiful young man, not just he looked beautiful but when they walked in nature together nature seemed beautiful and they both seemed beautiful and they were grateful for even being alive!  But the prince’s father was afraid this meant he was weak.  So he killed his boyfriend.  The prince wanted to kill himself — why be alive if his love was not?  Maybe there was another country beyond death where they could be together?  And if not, why do anything?

But then the prince started to read, and he read the following quote from the Angel of Silesia — “I’m like the rose, I bloom as I bloom, without a why”.  And he resolved to live, without a why.

But then prince Frederick became Frederick the Great (his Dad had died) and when he could he started a war to get the country of Silesia!  So many young men like his boyfriend killed and for what reason?  The bad kind of without a why!

Oh Frederick, you made a mistake!  You went for the Silesia part and not the angel!


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