Adventures of Tiresias

The blind seer was a woman for nine months and a man for one months and said “the sexual pleasure experienced by women is a hundred times greater than that experienced by men.”

Next year he was an old man for nine months and a little baby for one month and said “the pleasure of playing experienced by the old is a thousand times that experienced by the young.”

Next year he was a dead man for nine months and a live man for one month and reported back “Don’t remember the dead stuff very well, but I think it is pretty much as you’d expect.  Pleasure of being live much better than pleasure of being dead.”

Then he was a herd of dolphins for nine months and a single drop of sweet, sweet Pepsi Cola for one month and he said “That was wild.”

Then he became for nine months a guy who can turn into different things and then for one month a guy who was just Tiresias and could not imagine anything else forever and they asked him “which is better?  Being stuck as being Tiresias or being able to become all kinds of stuff — man, woman, old, young, dolphins etc.”

And he said “Than being Tiresias I can imagine nothing better!”


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