If The Laws of Nature Control You, Does That Make You a Puppet?

I hope not!  A puppet is a mindless being controlled by a person with a mind and that would be humiliating.

But human beings are aware while the puppet is a mindless instrument.  So the relationship of a human being to fate or God is not that of a puppet to a human being.

Maybe the relationship of a human being to fate or God is like the relationship of a robot to its maker.  The robot-maker has a purpose and creates the robot to achieve its purpose, but the way the robot achieves the purpose is by being aware of features of the environment and responding to them intelligently.

This might still be humiliating, if human beings are designed for some purpose that we don’t care about and don’t know about and have no say over?  Then we are something like heat-seeking missiles.  We have limited awareness, but we have no say in our purpose.

It shouldn’t feel humiliating to have limited awareness, because that would imply that to feel good about ourselves we need to have unlimited awareness, which is an absurdly high requirement.  It could be that we are like robots that are designed to have some say about defining or perceiving our purpose, but that whatever creates us — fate or God — has a deeper understanding of ourselves than we do.  That’s fine.



2 thoughts on “If The Laws of Nature Control You, Does That Make You a Puppet?

  1. The other day someone on a forum was talking about roleplaying through a dungeon funnel, where every player has four level zero characters each. And when it came to the combat – basically the PC’s would die on a hit. And he found it comedic, in a way. I said it becomes comedy because the tragedy of it is to hard to cope with that it was easier to laugh – a pressure release system – and he seemed to agree.

    Here though, it seems a kind of double or nothing. It’d be humiliating if we were just puppets, therefore – something grander!

    But perhaps the sense of humiliation is like the comedy. Perhaps someone being in control is still better than the alternative?

    What if you had two puppets with their strings tied together, that every movement of one causes an equal and opposite movement in another. Billions of puppets tied to each other in this way.

    So is perhaps humiliation simply is an easier way of coping with that. At least there would be a puppeteer! Not just more and more puppets.

    Then why not, build a kingdom on the stress relief mechanism with a second stress relief mechanism! We can’t be humiliated, so it must be something better!

    In some ways, it’s like the fish slowly moving onto the dry and unwelcoming, sandpapery land. Moving out of the comforting, warm wet into the oxidizing dry. And trying not to become utter reptiles while doing so.

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