Does Anyone Have the Key to the Language You are Written in?

Some people say human beings are animals.  Some say they are computers.  But actually every human being is a language.  Who came up with the language?  Nobody came up with it. But does it mean something?  You betcha!

Some people assume that the language that they are is immediately understandable by everybody else, but this is not the case, and like so many things that are not the case, if you assume they are the case you will set yourself up from frustration.  Need, want, television, desire, love, death, lunch — these things mean something in the language that is you, but to other people these words — fine, these “things” — mean something entirely different.

They think they understand you but they have nothing but a slapdash understanding such as you might acquire for visiting a foreign country.

Your entire love affair is actually a very long pun!  They think they know you but they don’t — you just remind them of someone who sounds the same but means something completely different?

Parts of you are a dead language that haven’t been spoken for thousands of years!

Parts of you are a language that has yet to be created!

Parts of you are prosaic.

Parts of you are poetic.

Maybe a few parts of you are actually onamatopeia — your word for “food” actually does sound like the sound you make when you eat, for example.

Maybe some of you is a rough pidgin — more dollar please!  More dollar!  More dollar!  You pay too cheap!  You pay more!

But not so much.  Not as much as you think if you make the error of judging who you are but what is commonly understood of you.  That’s the classic iceberg error.

Are you frustrated?  Yes.

But rather than be frustrated you should do what any language does when it wants to be understood.

Teach people to understand you!  Starting with vocabulary, moving on to grammar, then finally the literature that is written in you.

Needless to say if you are going to teach a course in You-ese there is something you will have to first, or at least, concurrently.

Learn it yourself.


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