Questions About the Computer Too Smart for Humans to Understand

Q: If we invented a computer that was so smart no human could understand it, and it had a theory of physics none of us could understand, but its predictions were correct, would the theory be true.

A: Sure.  If we had a computer which had our current theory which we know to be true, and there was a neurological plague the result of which that no human being could understand the theory any more, it would not stop being true.

Q: But that’s upsetting!

A: Well what we should do in that case is try to use the computer to re-engineer our brains so we become smart enough to understand the true theory.

Q: But wouldn’t that cause us to stop being human.

A:No, human beings are beings for whom their being matters for them.  It doesn’t require being dumb.


One thought on “Questions About the Computer Too Smart for Humans to Understand

  1. How is it their being when they’ve put some other processor in their? May as well put a commodore 64 in your head, replacing brain matter to do so, and act like nothing has changed.

    And I would say the theory isn’t true (as in not found to be true). You could only make theories about what the machine produces, its consistency to over a sampled time period. Ie, practice science on its output.

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