“Spirit, Are These the Images of Things that Will Be or Things That May Be?”

A good question from Scrooge!  As Hamlet pointed out we could be bounded in a nut shell and count ourselves “Kings of Infinite Space” save for one problem, namely: Bad Dreams.  That is to say our consciousness is troubled by Images, and these Images are either delusive, the teasing emanations of sickness, or actual revelations of the One True World, the splendor of which, it is each our gifts and duty to explore.

A certain wily conman having more or less failed as a writer of science fiction tall tales decided to become the founder of a psychotherapeutic cult.  The cult’s belief system claimed that each of us possesses a Foolish Mind, and this Foolish Mind can be misled by puns.  So for example in embryo state the Foolish Mind might overhear the uterus-owner (i.e. mother) request an “aspirin” and end up with a rash on its posterior, interpreting “aspirin” as “ass burn”!  This foolish conceit about the pun-misled mind allowed the conman to enrich himself, processing the seemingly exhaustive reserve of human foolishness into cold hard cash!

But here’s the rub.  Upon demise the conman’s spirit was led into the pearly gates, which are also known as the Tibetan Bardo and from thence escorted into a world in which his con was soberest truth!  And there he found his flesh was dry and sickly.

Why am I so dry like a prune?  I simply wanted to wisen up!

Ah said the custodians — when you wanted to wisen — instead you did wizen.   And thus became wizened.

Why then? he asked.

Wai, zen! they responded.

And he achieved what he had always wanted.


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