When Laura Traveled Back in Time

When Laura traveled back in time and spoke to the Pharaoh

(Ra-Ho-Tep XXIII of the Eighteenth Dynasty)

she found him to be witty, urbane, and self-deprecating.

She learned a whole different way of looking at Ra the Sun God

and came to realize that the Pharaoh was doing a Great Job,

at manifesting the nourishing rays of the sun in human form,

and officiating at the ceremonies that mark the rise and fall of the flow of the Nile.

“Look” Laura said on her return “I would not want my organs put in a canopic jar, my brain removed through my nose, my body dried with naphta and my skin wrapped in sheets, in short, I would not want to be mummified and en-pyramided so as to live forever in the afterlife by the shores of a Transcendent Nile, but…

“Neither would the Pharaoh the Glorious Orb of the Sun in human form hope to live his life dedicating it to the slight improvement of the living standards of the united states and the bearing of children who would go to college and be gainfully employed.”

They were not lovers physically, but the Pharaoh and Laura saw eye to eye.

In fact, Laura wrote a profile of the Pharaoh for her local paper and this was not a bad idea.

Since the Pharaoh could only be depicted in profile.



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