Laura Chapter Two: The Two Lauras

Imagine our surprise when we opened the canopic jar in the valley of the queens to discover Laura’s mummified viscera.  The sarcophagus swung open and we found ourselves face to face with our mummified friend.  “But Laura” we said “We were given to understand that you had elected not to be mummified, and that the close emotional bond you forged with the Pharaoh achieved its acme with friendship, and you did not mummify yourself with your lover so as to take a time journey from ancient Egypt to the modern world.”

“That was true and so is this.” said our mummified friend.  “When I went to ancient Egypt the priests of Thoth instructed me in the doctrine of the multiple souls, namely the soul, the ka, and the ba.  My ka returned in the time machine.  My ba remained behind to animate this mummy.”

That’s only two we said using our counting skill as best we could, but you said THREE souls.  What happened to the third?

NEXT WEEK: The search for the Third Laura.


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