Richard’s Seven Houses

My friend Richard wanted to understand time.

So he said I understand space pretty well.  I’ll use that.

So he built seven houses, for the seven days of the week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday Saturday

Sunday.  And in each of the houses he did what characterized

That day of the week.  Example: In the Sunday house he was always

Worrying that he would have to go to work the next day.

In the Wednesday house he was settling in, to the demands of the work week

Its despairs its consolations and its routines, forgetting both.


Surely this is not time, I said to him, because they are free-standing these houses

What happens in the house of Saturday night

Causes no regret no jubilation in the house of Sunday.

And he said “Okay you’re right.”  And he had an ovum and a spermatazoan

In each house gestate a baby, and he set up the Requisite Causal Links

(which you can work out I’m sure, the events that happened in the House of Sunday

would cause weal or ill to the dweller in the House of Monday).


They sentenced him to death and the executioner waited for him in the house of Thursday

For that was the day of his death, written and sealed in the court document.

And they all moved into the house of Saturday

And reside there to this day.


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