The Remarkable Thrip

Sometimes I have dreams which give me access to life in the far far future.  Like the year 3 billiion a.d.  And in one of those dreams I learned about the Remarkable Thrip.  The Remarkable Thrip has prolonged his larval existence for milennia.  He lures you into his underground burrow and copies you atom by atom molecule by molecule in his brain (his brain is the size of galaxies) and then let’s you go.  And all the people and animals and robots and cyborgs and super-humans and super-animals and super-robots and super-cyborgs have copies in his head, and he keeps copying them and matrixing them and combining them in all different combinations in his brain to imagine all the possibilities and delaying his metamorphosis.  He shouldn’t be still producing juvenizing hormone. He should be an adult!  But he sends his pirates out and his navies to all the most far flung planets and galaxies and Artificial Space Environments and gets whatever is most valuable (usually in our world — the world of the future — currency is phliosophical insight since we can create matter at will I say!  at will!) and trades whatever treasures he finds for more juventizing hormone to keep him young so he can prolong his researchers.  For when he becomes a fly the world ends.


3 thoughts on “The Remarkable Thrip

    • thanks for the tip! This Stross guy sounds aweseome plus he invented the slaadi! My own campaign employed them heavily featuring as it did a war between the egg slaadi and the potato slaadi. (the former are chaotic-lawful-neutral, the latter are just jerks)

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