Books and Gods, Gourds and Trees

The sages tell of three scholars or Qazis studying at a madrassah called “The Merciful” in Xinjian China named Li, He, and Shih.  Said Li: I am sure there is a book that answers the riddles of my life — who is Li?  What is Li for?  but I fear this book will be written after I die, and I will live my life in darkness.  Said He: Don’t worry because Heaven Your Father would not allow you to die before reading such a book.  Said Shih: Live your life in peace for there is not and never will be such a book.

When the fort of Xinjian fell before the Turks the three acquired a spaceship that was able to travel to the moon of Saturn Enceladus.  There they experienced wonders too many to relate even if the seas were ink and the fish were pens, but chief among these wonders were the Enceladans a people who were completely vegetable although they could walk and talk and converse as beings endowed with reason do, as you and I.

The Enceladans did not learn from reading but absorbed the fruit of certain trees or Gourds that when they consumed them merged with their mental apparatus and caused them to understand things which previously were dark to them.  The three scholars met three vegetable scholars named Aleph, Beta, and Tau.

Said Aleph: I am sure there is a gourd which when I consume it will answer my questions –who is Aleph and what is he for?  But this gourd will not flower until after I wilt, and I will grow and wilt in darkness.

Said Beta: Put your mind at rest.  You, and I and the stars and the moon and great Saturn itself are fruit of the All Tree, which is merciful, and this tree would not allow you to flourish and wilt before consuming the gourd which contains the answer to your riddle.

Said Tau: There is no gourd, there is no tree.


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