A Look Back at the Evolving Noosphere

A lot of people are interested in the evolving noosphere, the idea that the earth is something like a super-organism, the internet is its nervous system, and it is evolving to become more integrated and capable of greater processing power.  No doubt the Earth is such an organism, but whether it is evolving is less clear.  After all the Noosphere is not competing against other noospheres, either for survival or the chance to copulate.

Unless you believe, as I feel more and more that I am impelled to, that the Earth is already home to a variety of different noospheres.  Just as the hardware of a computer can simultaneously run two different operating systems, the hardware of Earth — some billion human brains and a bunch of hardware and wires connecting them — simultaneously runs a number of different noospheres.  Religion, entertainment, science, pornography, commerce are self-sustaining and self-propagating competing noospheres.

There are others, many others, I believe, that have not been named because their interface with language is difficult.  For example there is a particular way of speaking about issues of love and grief that does not come out in how I choose words, it comes out in things I do not say, and also the inflection (including body language) of those things I do.  I’m not alone in this group and have recognized other members of it in the strangest places — for example once on a bus from Phoenix to Los Angeles I had a conversation with the woman sitting next to me who had just gotten out of prison on a non-violent offense and was hoping to stay with her cousin.  It was obvious to me during the conversation that she and I were two neurons of a submerged noosphere — servers on a dark web.  I don’t know her name and we haven’t spoken since then, but who says these things have to be fast?  Her conversation with me changed me and therefore all other connections in my life, and mine hers.  This is just one example of what I am sure are decillions of competing noospheres.

May the best noosphere win!


3 thoughts on “A Look Back at the Evolving Noosphere

  1. How is that different from cultures and sub cultures? Or was that your point, in regard to noosphere’s?

    I wouldn’t say the internet is required as a support – actually the internet is, by the molds that are created by programs (like facebook, twitter and alike) and the way people press themselves into the molds, the internet is not a means or catalyst, but an indoctrination process to itself.

    • I’m not particularly fond of singularity/giant organisms (indeed, it’s one of my personal outrages the idea of being assimilated, borg style, into some larger creature (who’d use it’s ‘cells’, their life and death, with the same careless abandon I use the cells of my own body)). But humanity doing several different things can be analogous to different organs in the human body doing different things. Doing different things doesn’t necessarily mean harmoginisation hasn’t occurred.

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