Four Castles, Five Secret Societies, Three Wizards

In Haute Zulu there are four castles: the Castle of the Giraffe, the Castle of the Hippopotamus, the Castle of the Cape Buffalo and the Castle of the Wind.  People meet and trade in the market, but they sleep alongside each other every night in their castle.

People sneak out at night, some of them, to be initiated into secret societies.  These secret societies are the main way that people in the different castles learn to know and trust each other.  Honestly I think I trust people in my secret society in a way I don’t trust people in my castle.  The castle is all about money really and pooling resources, but in the secret society I am able to be who I really am.  I share my soul  The secret societies are named Star, Moon, River Brothers, Ultimate, and Protectors of the Mother.

In my secret society we drink a lot and box each other too.

There are three wizards whose identities are secret because they only reveal themselves when they are wearing masks.  Four different secret societies claim two of the wizards, the wizard in the bison mask and the wizard in the mask of darkness.  Obviously two of the societies are lying.  The third wizard has different masks on different occasions and we believe he does not belong to any secret society.  Probably not more than one out of twelve of us are in secret societies.

Deep down we are all the same, or so say our chiefs.



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