Should I See John Wick?

If you had only ninety minutes left to live, would you see John Wick?


So you would not devote 100% of your remaining life to seeing John Wick?


What if you had 90 minutes times a hundred left to live — i.e. 9000 minutes.  Would you spend 1/100 of your remaining life on Earth seeing John Wick?

No.  I would rather talk to friends or hang out with animals and nature, or try to make the world a better place.

What percentage of your life should you spend seeing movies?

I’m not sure.  I heard about a guy once who spent 100% of his life seeing movies.  He was really rich and had a disability and his family hired directors to make movies exactly designed so he could get the best out of every second of life in terms of meaning and pleasure and beauty.  And then there was this other guy who spent none of his life seeing any movies or reading books — he just talked to friends and and hung out with animals and nature, or tried to make the world a better place.

Who was right?

I’m not sure.  They teamed up to defeat a criminal syndicate that was trapping sexy girls inside sapphires, but then somebody wanted me to do something and I didn’t get to see the end.


One thought on “Should I See John Wick?

  1. The thing is, entertainment (the pure entertainment variety) is like a sometimes food. It puts on weight not so much on your hips, but on your soul.

    I know, hearing that tastes like wholemeal bread or carrots or something!

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