Come Mr. Talisman, Talith Me Banana

In goetie a three-fold distinction is made in human endeavors viz.

the action of spirit upon spirit or DIVINATION

the action of matter upon matter or ALCHEMY

and the action of spirit upon matter or the fabrication and utilization of TALISMANS.

A TALISMAN is any physical object or collection of objects that have been rendered an expression of meaning or a receptacle of meaning by the activity of human will.  Or equivalently any material object that has been rendered a vehicle for spiritual action.

Depending upon whether one is a wizard, a mystic, a philosopher, a poet, a statesman, or a warrior one’s talisman will assume a different form.

The Great Talisman of the Philosopher is an entire well-lived human life, the talisman of the statesman is the state, the talisman of the warrior a weapon etc.

In traditional Jewish sadhana the mystic covers himself in a divine hug of light every morning, this being the “talith” or fringed garment, hence the expression Talith Man.

The PIMANDER MANUSCRIPT describes the fundamental “steps of the wiseman” as being loving, hiding, seeking, discovering, forgetting, meeting, friendship, castle, robe, lips, eyes, tongue, mask, and chalice.  Each of these has a corresponding talisman.  The 14 “steps” multiplied by the 7 “paths” yields 14×7 or 98 talismans.

The two missing talismans according to the sufi sages (missing from the perfect decade of decades or 100) are the sun and moon which symbolize the acknowledged and unacknowledged aspects of life, day and night, the logic of dreams and the logic of waking.


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