You’re Making a Mishmash and Calling it Kabbalah


Teena, you are making a mishmash and calling it kabbalah!


How so?


Okay you have sefirot.  But you also say “go inside to the furnace within and boil out the fakeness and let your authenticity shine!”   And that sounds like something you made up  And you have fairies, and you say you access different fairies in different seasons and with different kinds of creativity based on different fairies.  And that’s like I dunno, Swedenborg. Not to mention you have every fairy associated with a specific Chakra and that’s like Vajrayana Buddhism!


So what if it is a mishmash?  SHIMON BAR YOCHAI made a mishmash and called it kabbalah!  RAMBAM made a mishmash of Aristotle, Sufism, and Torah and called it Judaism.  All the biggies make a mishmash.


But they believed it was ancient!


And I believe it is ancient!  At least as much as they did.  Because the new and the ancient are flipsides of the same coin.


What is on the third side of the coin?


Coins have only two sides.


Not in fair BAZANUS where I am from.

Bazanus is my soul’s true home

And there the incense teaches you math

And the three sided coins spin

And there is a flavor to every path

A distinct flavor, in fair Bazanus

My true home.


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