Alexander Dugin Says: Liberalism is Also Authoritarianism!

And he’s right of course.  In a way.  The authoritarian uses the power of the state to prevent me from say being Jewish.  The liberal uses the power of the state to prevent you from burning down my synagogue.  Both the authoritarian and the liberal use power: the one to prevent going to a synagogue, the other to prevent burning one.

And of course he’s wrong in a way.

Supposing you had a pushy friend.  Whenever you go over to your friend’s house he makes you eat a burger.  You’re not allowed to ask for anything else.  So you complain.  I don’t always want to eat burgers!

So your friend he calls you up the night before you go over for dinner and says “What would you like to eat for dinner tomorrow?  Pizza, omelette, tandoor fish.  Just tell me what you want.  I’ll give you that!”  And then you say “Would you stop pushing me around?”

And he says “What pushing?  I’m saying you can have whatever you want!”  And you say, “Now you’re forcing me to have whatever I want!  Yesterday you were forcing me to have a burger.  Today you’re forcing me to have “whatever I want”.

I think your friend would be right to conclude, you are hard to keep as a friend.




4 thoughts on “Alexander Dugin Says: Liberalism is Also Authoritarianism!

  1. Not sure I get the post – okay, so he’s still pushing you to have something, rather than something specific. And that’s applying a force – how does that tie into Dugin being ‘wrong in a way’? Not that I know who Dugin is.

    I mean really, people who prefer a certain political structure seem to overlook that it applies force here and there and just see it as just. When two political structures both use force, it’s apt to say they have something in common. But saying both are the same is like saying chess is the same as checkers. Though such a technical distinction may not be satisfying to either party. Everyone’s onto ‘the right way’, after all.

  2. i’m responding to an authoritarian criticism of liberalism and democracy. (Dugin is an apologist for Putin). They have a formal point but it’s a bad one. Yes liberalism exacts costs — if you live in a liberal society you’re not free to oppress others. You don’t have the benefits that come from living in a society where everybody thinks and acts the same way — a feeling of trust perhaps or comfort or solidarity. Nevertheless it’s not a good argument against liberalism. IMO.

    • Well usually these guys just shoot off whatever words like a shotgun blast, just to try and rattle and demoralise. But if instead one takes the question as if it had been charitably delivered, it’s worth considering. For example, you’re not free to oppress others – and yet, if you were to try to, what happens? Well, some people come and forceably chain you up or point guns at you – clearly an oppression and one accepted by the broader liberalist society. So clearly ‘you can’t oppress’ doesn’t mean everyone can’t – some in the political schema called ‘liberalism’ maintain an entitlement to oppress themselves.

      It’s like people need to keep a rosy fantasy about what they are doing – but they keep it so much it blinds them. For example, if I say I had my children stabbed and left with an infection, it sounds bad. If I said I had my children stabbed with a needle and left with an infection, it leaves question marks. If I say I had my children inoculated, it sounds rosy. But they were indeed stabbed with a needle.

      Fortunately inoculation, IMO, has no real downside (even though in the short term I’m a bad guy for enacting it), but leaving some people an entitlement to oppress with merely the interpretable semantics of law to stop them (and interpretable semantics of law as the means of stopping people interpretation twisting) can have incredible downsides. And treating the system as rosy and no one wants to ever think of themselves as the bad guy, not even in the short term, easily leads to overlooking that which leads to such downsides.

      So let’s troll Dugin by thanking him for helping keep us vigilant!

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