NEW MENTAL DISORDERS: Cliche Panic, Faith Envy, Epiphany Addiction


Occurs when one is gripped by panic that one’s life is a cliche.  For example, sending an article to a grown child, the sufferer from cliche panic is gripped with the fear that this is cliched behavior.  Cliche Panic, like all panics includes a reflexive component.  The sufferer from ordinary panic disorder (PD) is panicked, among there things, by suffering from Panic Disorder.  The sufferer from Cliche Panic (CP) is panicked by the idea that cliche panic is itself a cliche, characterizing people like him or herself — the overly reflective.


The envy of faith occurs in two forms: the envy of the follower and envy of the leader (faith guru or faith pontiff).   The faith envier wishes he had the burning faith to sacrifice his life, or the charisma to get his employees to sacrifice their lives.  As in all cases of envy it is not necessary for A to possess trait T for B to envy his possession of it, and in fact A can envy B’s trait and B can envy A for the same trait and neither may possess it.  This occured during the 21 c. confrontation between “The West” and “Islam”.  Neither team actually had faith but each sorely resented and envied what they perceived as the faith of the other side.


A syndrome that hovers on the boundary between good and bad thing.  Upon entirely re-evaluating one’s life one or two times the epiphany addict craves the feeling of epiphany.  The baleful side of this syndrome occurs when sufferers deliberately do stupid things in order to have the epiphany that they are stupid.  A rigorous meta-analysis has yet to be conducted to determine whether the incidence of deliberate stupidity on the part of EA’s is in fact higher than that of the general population.


One thought on “NEW MENTAL DISORDERS: Cliche Panic, Faith Envy, Epiphany Addiction

  1. Password dementia may be another one Mental disorder. It could be defined as a mental disorder caused by social and business networking created by social & biz pressures; these accounts can cause confusing in the mind; in spite of a person could write and duly registered all of the data. It could cause low self esteemed and some dark holes in the memory.

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