The Stone that Fits in the Hand

Found it in the forest under damp leaves — very lightly speckled.  Why is it I wonder that nature fits my torn-loose heart, my craving hand?  Wendy said: Cause it’s nature your heart’s torn loose from, and nature your hand craves.  Carol said: Cause you heart’s a worn-smooth stone.  Jacquie said: Cause you’ve been looking for something to fit that hand a long long time.  Arlen said: And so has the stone.  Tan-Patarasamara said: The sky fits the land, the land fits the sea, the I fits the you, and both fit we.

We all got up from the grass and smoothed our skirts and took each others hands.  There were fireflies signalling longing to each other, mosquitos drawn by our blood, and far above the stars were droning, and also deep within us our electrons were droning and buzzing.  It became harder and harder to say what we wanted to say and also less necessary.

The words of my song fit the evening and everybody’s mood.


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