The In-Between Person or Overlap Child

You know I think that whenever two people meet or spend time together or talk or in any way interact they create a third person who is the sum of the two of them.  Some of the overlap children endure for but a moment.

So, two people passing in a crowd, one stops for a moment to let the other one pass and the overlap child is that moment of collaborative pedestrianism.  Sometimes they last longer and we give them the marvelous names of marriage or love or friendship, or rivalry, or the terrible names of enmity, jealousy, and hatred.  Some of them last a life or longer as, strictly speaking,the children of a marriage are the issue not of the parents directly but of their overlap child, and a constitution the child of the multiple overlaps of the founders and their constituents, and the overlaps with overlaps.

The king fears being overthrown, Saturnly by his overlap child and always limits it.  Whenever he sees the man who makes his gold cup he takes care that the overlap is minimal and straitened.  All the overlap between me and my cup-bearer shall ONLY be a transaction issuing forth in a gold cup.  Because he is a frightened king.  He neuters himself and wherever his gaze falls the overlap children wither.  Let’s not be the frightened king.  Every moment we interact with another human beings teems with the possibility of abundance.


5 thoughts on “The In-Between Person or Overlap Child

  1. I think I’d disagree – the pedestrians don’t create a child, they deal with a child that was made some time ago. Possibly two separate children, one each and that is why they pass each other awkwardly (the children don’t match). Pedestrian gods.

    • Well it’s hard to argue yours as well, but I at least simply framed myself as disagreeing.

      What you describe seems incredibly wet. Interminglings all over the place. Where as I would describe a landscape of much dryness. Cultural history and parental interminglings created your child idea for the person when they were an actual child, years ago. This is what they interact with now when they interact with a pedestrian. This is especially clear in cases of one tribe/nation hating another tribe/nation. They don’t intermingle with the other tribe, they interact with the child (of hate) seeded in them years ago by their intermingling with family as a child themselves. That’s why people who hate generally have such distorted perceptions of those races or nations they hate – because they are not actually interacting/intermingling with that other race or nation at all.

      I mean, with your idea, what happens to all those children produce when real children interacted so many, many times with their parents? Do they vanish? No. And if there are so many, perhaps they could crowd out forming your child concept with other pedestrians? People just surrounded by the ghosts of parental interactions past (as were those parents, and the parents of those parents and so on for hundreds of thousands of years). I want to say ‘Swaddled in the dead’ because it sounds metal as F, but it’s probably too over the top so I’ll keep it in scare quotes.

      Arguably fantasy fiction is a place where interminglings can more often occur than, say, pedestrian intersections.

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