America’s Sweetheart, Contrapositive the Cat

America’s sweetheart, contrapositive the cat

Is one of those creatures that is not an animal

But figures itself forth as such, but it speaks

like a man.  Generally these amphibolous productions

Are depicted in the form of a cartoon.  They are strange

Eldritch, weird, exciting, not-quite-right

Because they have the vocal organs in this case of a cat

And a body evolved to the demands of cat life — catching rodents live

And eating them, copulating with cats, and so on but

They talk rationally.  They express themselves like Man.

If you ask Aristotle Contrapositive is a Man.

He is a zoikon logon — a living thing that talks.

And why?  He was formed by the random action of natural selection

With the form and figure of a cat but then human artifice

Also a product of natural selection looped back again

And made him speak.  And carry out so many japes

And wonders and gallimaufries what with losing the baby’s

Head in the window pane and falling through the frying pan

To Nibsy the Newboy’s Funny Fairyland

And Lost in the Building Site, and chasing a Mouse

Into the hospital for the criminally insane…

But here’s the thing, the prospect of a higher form

Looping back to cast effective action on a lower form

And shape it to itself happens all the time.  It happens every moment.

The Eternals came back and made us talk like them — at times, not always

At times, at times, and every moment, we  loop back upon ourselves

Ventriloquizing future through present, but soft

Wally the Dog approaches and he carries

a brick


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