The Team Faces Additional Challenges

Too bad because I gotta say I thought the challenges they faced

Already were just about fixing  to administer the coup de grace

But now I hear uh-uh the bambinos must face more

Catch the lost dog in the street etc. while nobody’s minding the store

Poor team, poor us, every damn body’s poor

who drowning to the nose holes gets to drink a drizzle more

You heard the reason I bet why backstabbing assassins shoot up like an mf-in’  tree

It’s so some day they can be destroyed, destroyed utterly

Won’t that be nice?    Breathing from nose, ears, heart, body, mouth

Feeding mangos from the north to pet polar bears from the south

And we won’t even remember the words bad and good

And Ben David will write lyrics with his best bud Ibn Daoud



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