Love Poem to Miss Tanita Gravlax, Deceased

THE INVITATION: A Love Poem for Titina Gravlax (Deceased)

She obviously thought it was a smart thing to say

Or she wouldn’t have said it. And he thought this was

A smart thing to say, though it obviously wasn’t.

Oh Monkey Joe, it’s just you and me, these days

And some days not you and sometimes not me

Cause I met you coming out of math class on a slushy day

And you invited me to notice spheres

moving up and moving down and moving sideways, balls in light.  Also hairs.

And I obviously noticed them before – everybody notices them

Except the pathologically insane: Holy Shit, Sherlock

It’s Father Brownian motion, hey girl-girl looking at dust

It’s nothing but dust you’re looking at.  Dust in light.

Let’s analyze that. “Nothing but” what are the other nothing buts?

Love/sex, Life/death, dogs/beggars

“Nothing but” is nothing but

Evasive action! The little love is nothing but a great big fear.

And as for “nothing” you know I think

That old pun “nothing”/no thing is just garbage.

Me too! Me too! Who said it was a thing? Morgenbesser

Had the plain decency to ask his charges

Is my fist a thing? Is the sky a thing?

Is the sky a thing? Fuck yeah!

The sky’s a thing. Is anything else a thing?

Trust me paisan the sky’s a thing if anything’s

a thing. Is anything a thing? Deep in my greasy brain I synthesized it

That which you and I shared when we shared floating dust

Deep in the gunky hole I helped them to do it

I helped them to pull it together. I helped them trust!

I helped them pull it off! Me, me! . Men in hats.

Coming damp with snow melt from the subway

My father called “The Culver Line”.

Line cause it goes in both directions infinitely. Culver cause-

Obviously they’re all gone a long long time ago.

Listen, Gabi and you can hear them breathing

Trying to articulate thoughts they never did.

Perhaps they couldn’t. Perhaps they could but never got the chance

Gabi, my heart, did you know in Sanskrit that the gap

Between the articulated and unarticulated thought

Is called Purusha? And that it lies upon a serpent

Ananta sayanan to rest?

Between the destruction of one world

and the whelping of a wonderful wet new one?

Of course you knew! Waiter another round of the same!

Infinitesimal pickles and fried foods from another land

If you look close enough they look like burgers


One thought on “Love Poem to Miss Tanita Gravlax, Deceased

  1. Fried food, bite burgers and a greasy brain & thinking about boots…are you sure not to know why God want you to disappear? 🙂 Well, it is not a sin, but it is a sin to think God has a cup of coffee!!

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