Oh, Eduardo!

Eduardo said to me — I can listen to Bach every waking moment through the internet.  Simone Dinnerstein is playing the English suites.  So I work at Arby’s making minimum wage and all I need is a roof over my head and enough calories to keep soul and body together and an internet subscription to a streaming service so I can listen to Bach. I don’t get so many hours of life alotted to me.  I want to spend them listening to Bach.  It is the greatest pleasure.  Why should I afflict myself?

Oh Eduardo!  What can I say?  I can’t say you’re wrong, but I can’t bring myself to say you’re right!


One thought on “Oh, Eduardo!

  1. Makes me think of when I used to listen to all the Brandenburg Concerti on my old stereo in my old NY apartment… Now see what you’ve done? I’m crying!

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