Not a Big Deal?

Bilinda said to me you know if you meet a clone it’s not a big deal!

I was like, tell me Bilinda. I think it would be huge like — who am I?  That’s like me but it’s not me. It would blow my f-ing mind!

Bilinda said, no it’s just an identical twin. So you have an identical twin.   Big deal.

Okay, you got me.  What else is not a big deal?

Time travel. It’s not a big deal.

I’m like — come on!  It’s a paradox! I kill my own grandpa!  I am my own grandpa! That’s weird!

Nuh-uh said Bilinda. It’s like the anthropic principle.  Our standards of explanation just need to be trimmed to the wind of a different causal picture than was known in the stone age.

Okay okay. Time travel not a big deal, cloning not a big deal, ESP I suppose is no big deal

It’s not.  It’s just a biologically mediated E-S-P-N.

Then what is?

And she kissed me!


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