“Pandy and the Air Snakes”

Originally considered to be a “pseudunabulum” or never-existent book created by the action of amygdoloid plaques on my father’s brain, “Pandy and the Air Snakes” was later discovered at a used book store in Mexico city.  The “air snakes” of the title were no more nor less than forking chronological chains (forchrocha’s) stretching from Pandy’s neolithic and possibly post-apocalyptic society to two alternate realities, one of which (my one) a world in which Pandy is a confused memory of “Dragonriders of Pern” in my father’s demented consciousness, the other one of which a universe in which nested hierarchies are able to be violated by the explanation of a phrase, in this case “Pandy and the Air Snakes” being both that it is a sign of illness and the sentient creatures who falling from the sky in Pandy’s world and attaching to his brain give him the psi powers necessary to defeat the rapacious Glimps.  Cf. Glimps


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