Pretty Good Plans But With Problems


Hard to tell who is telling the truth.


Have a special truth-tellers tattoo — when you see it you can trust the bearer, don’t need to waste time in paranoia.

PROBLEM: Liars will copy the tattoo.


Depressing thoughts bring us down, makes it hard to summon the courage to fight evil.


A diverting game RASATAPOLI a combination of chess and chutes and leaders played with two little golden tops and a silver net, to rouse the spirits.

PROBLEM: People play Rastapoli too much, never get around to fighting evil.

Problem: Life of man is subject to erasure from wild animals, starvation.

Solution: Agriculture and settlements, keep the tigers out, store food.

Problem: Predatory class of humans grab extra food for themselves, kill, rape and enslave other humans, wall themselves up in settlements “cities”.

What to do with these solutions that generate new problems?

Just keep tinkering I suppose!



6 thoughts on “Pretty Good Plans But With Problems

  1. Problem: I must prepare an article for tomorrow and present a list of files of edition but I can not stop to smiling about your first article of 2017
    Solution: I must begin to work again and get away of WIFI! I will trust that my recent memory about Rasatapoli will be hide at least for a little time!!:)

    • Are you ready to have sweet dreams? the article is about Energy, Infrastructure and Economy impact. LNG equity market & EIA project and studies about Biofuels project financing. Don’t be afraid I also write some articles about Art (Paint, sculpture and curator issues);Literature mainly British & Danish crime stories when I have spare times…then creepy sweet dreams:)

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