Why was Trevor Cruel to Richard the Guy With the Broken Foot?

A few years back there was a fire in our neighborhood and Richard saved a bunch of people from their second floor buildings but in the process fell off a ladder and broke his foot.  The foot never healed correctly and Richard needs a cane and it is difficult for him to get in and out of houses especially in the winter when the streets are slippery.

Recently, Trevor whose father owns the liquor store and makes a lot of money started making fun of Richard.  “Nobody asked him to try to rescue people.  It’s his fault that his foot is messed up.  The rest of should not have to worry about making things easy for Richard.”  And he even imitated Richard’s ungainly walk.

I asked Carmela De Sousa why Trevor was so cruel to Richard.  “It’s not that much trouble to slow down and let Richard keep up with us.” I said “Why is Trevor making such a big deal?  Is Trevor right?  Is slowing down for Richard keeping our neighborhood from getting in timely fashion to where it wants to go?”

Carmela said “Trevor feels whenever anybody says “you should be kind to Richard” that it is a personal attack.  He hears that as “You Trevor are not what you should be.”  He is counter-attacking in his own minds — defending himself.   He feels bad about himself in some way and the fact that Richard got hurt by doing something good makes him feel worse.   It makes him popular with his friends who feel the same way.”

“So we should feel sorry for Trevor?” I asked Carmela.


“But that does mean that Trevor is not a bad guy?”

“No” said Carmela.  “Being so weak that other people’s goodness makes you specifically angry — that’s what being a bad guy is.”


One thought on “Why was Trevor Cruel to Richard the Guy With the Broken Foot?

  1. Susan says:

    I agree with Carmela’s assessment. But I don’t agree that I want to be sorry for Trevor. I know a couple Trevors. One is in his 70’s, and he still is a jerk. He never did anything in his life on his own. Dad’s money was behind everything. Ego, and entitled to put a good guy and his good deed down because doing that puffs Trevor and enmeshes him with people who take his side. ( this is one small incident out of a lifetime of putting people down and making fun of people) so I have no feelings of pity or sorrow at all for Trevor.

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