When Do You Save Things from the Past?

Things meaning physical items but also ways of thought, friendships, habits, idea.  When do you need to preserve them and when should you discard them?

Two ways of thinking of progress through life: building a self and achieving freedom.

If you think you are building a self then you want the early blueprints.  Also your take on your past is a dimension of your self.  So if you what you have done with your life is construct a self, curate your past.

But if you think you are escaping from something and achieving freedom all that old stuff is just broken prison bars.  Who you are is not dependent upon the particular path you had to take (the hooks and crooks and stratagems you effectuated) to achieve freedom.

A person who escaped from a blue prison and a person who escaped from a green prison are not blue and green respectively.



One thought on “When Do You Save Things from the Past?

  1. IMHO, both ways apply to almost everyone. What you were is part of what you are and what you will be. But what you were doesn’t dictate what you are, nor what you are, what you will be.

    I try to keep the things that are good and helpful, and leave behind the things that are bad and hurtful. I don’t succeed completely; nobody does.

    A few things might be so constitutive of one’s identity that taking them or leaving them is not open to choice, but such things are rare.

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