Conversation with a New York City Cab Driver

Him: Do you know what my dream is?

Me: What.

Him: To play strip chess with a girl and when I win I fuck her.

Me: What if she wins?

Him: What?  I win.

Me: No but what if she wins?  She should get to do something like kill you or punch you in the face.

Him: It’s a fantasy.

Me: I know it’s a fantasy — I’m not expecting you to drop me off at the airport and then do that.  But a fantasy can still have logic.

Him: Okay.  If I win I fuck her if she wins she fucks me.


4 thoughts on “Conversation with a New York City Cab Driver

  1. Actual conversation??

    The dominance psychology lurks out to me – the urge to have an understandable system (chess) compared to a myriad complex (to the point of deliberate obfuscation) social system between him and fulfillment of a strong primal urge. And the dumbness of that urge, even as it uses an understandable system (chess) to make a realization of its goal is not able to grasp an alternate outcome which is inherently part of that system, ie failing to win at chess (which should be understandable).

    I wonder if he voted for Trump? I’m not saying that to be mean – I can commiserate with the above psychology. And it’s the sort of psychology to get played – offering understandable, simple systems to needy base urges which don’t consider those simple systems can have a very different outcome.

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