Nietzsche in Flatbush

We thought about Nietzsche differently in Flatbush

Than they did in the dritte Reich — I think

For us he was about the freedom to be weirdos

while for the members of the national social workers party

It was more about the collective will.  They really liked the will.

And the aesthetics of grabbing glory in the face of death

For us it was less about that, more an individual thing

Wandering through subway stations late at night

Forging our meaning for ourselves from the cold night

But who knows?  Maybe if we had had the opportunity

To stage parades and spectacles and conquer France

Some of us would have and who knows if some of those Nazis

Had been frozen by Hitler and then defrosted on Rugby road

In February, all alone, without a date, and somehow thrilled by panic

They wouldn’t have found the taste of amor fati

In lonely walks through Flatbush just like me.


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