Frass and Sasafrass

-Old Tom, okay-dee or naw-kay-dee iffen I asken you sumpn?

-Okay-dee Littl Bar.  Shoot your tongue thought at me!

-I know “frass” that’s the dust from a bug what eat the wood and I know “sasafrass” that’s the root that makes the beer yclept the rootbeer.  But same or no same thesen two mouthnmind chunks, huh?  Same or no, Old Tom.

-Think the same cause they are woodsy?


-“Frass” he come from German “fressen” cause it where the bug done do his fressing, which means to mean in English his “eating”.  But “sasafras” he comes from the Latinish tongue and in that tongue they say it “saxifrage”.  And “saxifrage” that cames from “sac” which is a rock and “frangere” which means to break.  So “sassafras” it means “that herb that breaks the rock”.

-So no samey?

-No samey, Little Bar.  Seems samey, but no be samey.


-Hummufa indeed.  What clinging to your tongue mouth waiting to jump, Lil Bar?

-What it is is this — isn’t “fressing” meaning “eating” in German and “frangere” meaning breaking in Latin same-same if you ken me?  Cause when we tear it up with our mouth-jaw we break, and time — the edax rerum — always done eat us up.



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