If It Looks Like a Choice Between Your Religion and No Religion, You Made a Mistake

Just reading about Hillel Zeitlin an orthodox Jewish writer who perished along with most of his family in the Warsaw Ghetto.  He was raised in a yeshiva, left and started reading Spinoza and Nietzsche, then decided these writers were wrong and returned to orthodoxy.  And was killed.

He made a mistake by thinking his only two options were orthodox Judaism and nothing.  Anytime the two options are: the religion you raised in and THE ABYSS a lot of people will return to the religion they were raised in.

Big Mistake!  There are so many other religions.  Every person has his own religion. Even no religion is a religion!

The idea that it’s — the OLD WAY or NO WAY — is a trick, in order to get poor people like Hillel Zeitel to fear the new and cling to the old.

Let us open our hearts to how God speaks to all of us, in our collective and individual incarnations.

That’s the true religion.

My religion or no religion is like “either my kid is the smartest or all kids are worthless”.

See the beauty in all of our children.


7 thoughts on “If It Looks Like a Choice Between Your Religion and No Religion, You Made a Mistake

  1. I once met a Jehovah witness at the door, who as part of his discussion said he’d tried a few religions in trying to find…something. And to me he seem twisted – like, at his base.

    Like every time he tried a new one, it showed how easy it was to swap. It started to break the connection he had to raw belief, twisting to this religion or that religion, each twist snapping cables to the grounding of what raw belief he had and he desperately sought (and by seeking, broke)

    So I can totally see why people go back to the religion they had prior. Some quiet part of them has snapped free and realised it will all snap lose into honest nihilism, and quietly guided the rest back to their original facing to preserve the umblical cord instead of twisting free of it.

  2. I was a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 6 years. Yes, I door knocked and preached and wore sensible dresses. I had found a group of people who were warm and great fun.. They asked for nothing from me but to live a ethical and moral lifestyle….. with a few of their own observances in the mix. I still have friends who stop by. I was excommunicated because I put up and decorated a Christmas Tree in my home. All the religion groups I studied had truths and commonsense teachings. G-d seemed to be a secondary actor. I didn’t swap one for the other, each showed me something that made sense.. I am still a Methodist, A Jehovah’s Witness, A Mormon, A Catholic and A Jew. I found great people in each group who have the same values.

  3. Susan says:

    The more I’m seeing of the three Great Ones residing in the Holy Land, the more I’m leaning to my original thought years ago abut religion. Our World could be a better home without religion and politics.

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