The World Has No Importance: Not So, Says David

The dog was going to the back at night and for a moment I worried that a coyote, which I had heard yipping a few nights ago, would kill it, and I reflected: really it doesn’t matter.  It’s just a dog.  Nothing matters.   We project mattering upon a universe of neutral facts for our own ends, to satisfy our own emotional needs.

I shared this ideas with David.

“You were scared that the dog would get killed by a coyote, so you told yourself “nothing matters” to protect yourself from pain.  You project non-mattering about a universe of alluring and repulsive facts for your own ends, to satisfy your own emotional needs.”

“Isn’t the universe of things I care about an illusion I come up with to feel important?”

“No more or less than the universe of things you don’t care about is an illusion you come up with to keep you safe.”

“But the universe really doesn’t care.”

“You keep saying that.  You are like a baby with a toy.  Everything is on a wire.  You can slide it to one side of the toy — mattering — or to the other side of the toy — not mattering.  Which side of the toy you slide it to depends upon what you want, what you feel, who you are. ”

I thought about David’s claim for a moment and brought the dog back from the yard and shut the door.

I looked at David who had lost some of his corporeality and became just a part of me.

“Don’t call me a baby.”


7 thoughts on “The World Has No Importance: Not So, Says David

  1. David’s not aware you’re not sliding it towards ends, but just along a small discrete length of the wire – the actual ends are blocked by a series of evolved psychological restrictions. (Though sometimes that same evolution can pull some of those restrictions away)

    So you’re right, you’re far from alone. More like hemmed in by David(s).

      • Hi, David.

        [Nah, now I’m being to mysterious – okay, if one takes it David is a result of millions of years of evolution – what are the odds of David understanding that neuroscientific tinkering with the brain can partially or fully erase him? Or would he, given millions of years of evoltion that never had to engage neuroscience before, think he is incapable of being affected?

        Indeed, he would not understand the responce that he does not understand. It’s rather like being in a prison where as the prisoner you understand a threat approaching the prison that the guards are incapable of processing, even as those same guards keep you trapped. Or that has to at least sound intriguing as the plot for a work of fiction, right?]

  2. Re: Does Santa Exist?
    Your book was both entertaining and educational, until I reached page 109,
    Then, apparently at the pinnacle of your intellectual clarity, you permitted yourself to descend into the madness of ridicule. .
    The source of the “contradiction” which is the theme of this book seems to have escaped you. Man has a duality of expression as an Immortal spiritual being within a mortal physical body. I write this with full personal awareness and proof of this statement. Both forms of expression are manifestations by an overriding Consciousness from an, as yet, uproven source (The name God is as good as any).
    The interaction of Consciousness in these two forms of expression, with different vibrational frequencies, support two sides of the mirror in the different Minds.

    The individual interpretations of ‘form” perceived by senses available to the Mind of physical men produce a self-proclaimed REALITY, which is personal to the owner of the senses; and those who became aware of this may rightly define it as non existent as did the Buddha..
    However the world of spirit from which we are all born is an ACTUALITY of existence common to us all, It is the source of verity which true mystics attempt to interpret, and with trepidation try to translate, into a language which belongs only to the world of reality.
    “Things” which have an actuality of form in the source consciousness must be deemed to exist, however those which are perceived as realities in mortal minds are but the shadows of Plato; and the contradictions provide our cognitive dissonance simply because all reflections are a mirror image of an actuality.

    PS: Your castration of Krishnamurty was unfair; having admitted that he had the self-presence to refuted his followers’ claims that he was the Maitreya, you made no attempt to clarify that he never made claim that he was not otherwise an enlightened person who still had desire to spread knowledge and wisdom about the Actuality of existence that so many humans seem unaware of. The denial of any benefit from war, and actions of inhumanity by man are both worthwhile topics for pronouncement by anybody. Philip

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