What Good Is Love?

-You’re doing it again, Carol!  You want him to say that his life is not worth anything if he doesn’t have you.  And what good does it get you?   What it gets you is bored.    Because what good is the life of someone whose life is worth nothing if he doesn’t have you?

-You’re asking me what good is love.

-Maybe I am.

-What good is anything else?

-I’d like to know when I’m gone that I left something better in other people’s lives, that it wasn’t all a joke.  And all you’re leaving them with is bitterness and disappointment.

-I’m leaving them with the realest thing I have — my neediness.

-I guess what I’m trying to say is that’s not the realest thing that you have.

-That almost makes it sound like you love me.

-Of course I do, but you won’t ever know it.


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