The Forever Living Man

-Did you hear about, Max?


-He is living forever.

-Really?  No!

-Yes.  He was living and living and then he just never stopped living. He just didn’t die.

-Our Max?  The one who works in the post office?

-Yes!   But he quit his job in the post office.  Once he realized he was going to live and live he stopped working.

-No!  What does he do?

-He takes long walks, sometimes he even gets as far as the plaza before he turns around.  And he dug a special room in his basement and he sleeps there.  Sometimes for thirty-six hours straight.

-That’s so interesting.  Does the room keep him living or does he just like it now, that his perspective is changed.

-Nobody knows!   It’s so interesting!

-I know!  And what’s he going to do now, Maxie?

-Just live and live – forever!

-Wow!  Good for him!

-I know!  Good old Max!


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