Imagining and Acting

Do you live in your dreams or are you a man of action?

Both.  Imagining is a kind of acting.  When we imagine a possibility or imagine our lives in a certain way we are living in a certain way.

Acting is always suffused with imagination.  If you spend your day making money, you imagine that that money will be good for something.  Even if you flee a tiger you imagine the experience of being eaten will be a bad one.

What’s the difference?   An act of the imagination as a rule is easier to undue.  I can imagine I’m a king and then imagine I’m a commoner with very little risk.  If I actually take an action though it’s often hard to go back.  But this difference is on a continuum.  Some acts of imagination take years and take our heart’s blood and are very risky indeed.  Some regular, flesh-and-blood acts are easy to undo.

A related point is that all fiction is magical realism.


4 thoughts on “Imagining and Acting

  1. Acting imagination could give life to a magical realism: preparing a script for example; taking photograph to compose a graphic work of art….or be an ex Rolling Stones winning a Nobel Prize as magical realism!

  2. Susan says:

    If imaging lions and Kings I feel it may need a story line. That takes away from the moment. However, It is very easy to imagine the ordinary pleasures without the distractions. I danced in the living room tonight with an imagined partner. I don’t think I was acting. I was actually dancing. Artist, Pink – “Just give me a Reason.” I simply felt like dancing and no one was around. My partner was quite skillful at dancing btw. 🙂 Was that an example of the dreams or actions you are asking about?

  3. AngieRooBiscuitEater says:

    Imagining is an act. It is something that has happened. It may be unbidden, it may have an element of choice and control, but it is an action. Can it be undone? I don’t think so. If it is the starting point to further action, it could be cut off at the seed of thought, but the act of thinking cannot be undone. The act of imagining can only be ‘undone’ by the denial that the imagining has happened. You can get away with the denial as thoughts cannot been seen and are ‘gone’ if not voiced. Does an imagining have a lasting effect, just be being thought?

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