Qolik Xolik

“Qolik xolik, Mr. Zolik”

It means “Stay Impartial” In my native Uzbek”

“Verb. sap. sat.” I would have replied.

Were it not already implied.




Verb. sap. sat is short for “verbum sapientibus satis” which is Latin for “a word to the wise is sufficient.”  You say it when you mean more than you are willing to say but you want to encourage your more perceptive readers to dig a little deeper.  It is a somewhat wistfully optimistic phrase that, like such phrases so often do, obviates its own expression.  Obviously, if a word to the wise were truly sufficient, it would be unnecessary to highlight its sufficiency by writing verb. sap. sat.

Verb. sap. sat!


4 thoughts on “Qolik Xolik

  1. It’s one of those phrases that blurs the line between establishing a status quo and calling upon that status quo at the same time. Kind of like a mime acting out pressing against glass – if that could make glass come into existence. A word to the wise isn’t necessarily sufficient, people don’t necessarily dig deeper – unless you insinuate that that’s what we do – so that dang reader will straighten up and fulfill that status quo.

  2. Or perhaps it’s all useful ones, in regards to moving to straighten another to ones own ruler without them even seeing it coming. Best not done to others more than one expects it done to oneself.

  3. Susan says:

    My Mom said that statement to me more than once. “A Word to the Wise.” To me it was ” Be cautious and think with reason. You already know the correct outcome.” – If it was a tale I was asking about, and she said “A Word to the Wise” To me it implied “Keep your mouth shut and don’t judge”. She would never EVER explain her statements. – – – – – — It’s noticeable that few of you on here use the word I to reference yourselves.

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