Is Information the Solution to the Embryogenesis Puzzle?

How does a baby form from a single cell?

Something outside it must push it to do so, said the epigeneticists.

Something inside must be there already and must unfold, said the preformationists.

But how could little homunculi be inside that cell?  said the epigeneticists?  That is absurd.  That little homunculus would need homunculi within him, ad infinitum!

But how could some mysterious force cause a blob of protoplasm become a human in one case and a calf in another and a starfish in a third, said the preformationists.

Modern biology answers with the compromise of information.  The information is in there, as the preformationists argued, (in the form of genes).  However it requires the influence of the environment to become an embryo as the epigeneticists argued.

But sadly, everybody is confused.  Information is only information in a context, and that context is provided by the future.

Consider a “HDABF FASC”.  A hdabf fasc is a phrase I just coined meaning an argument that seems to lead to a clear resolution but actually is a trick to lead us to greater confusion.  I coined it, just now, by taking the first letter of the first words of my opening sentence.  It is, as of right now, a coded message that this essay will be a hdabf fasc.

But it was not a hdabf fasc when I wrote it.  The information was not there waiting to leap out.  It only became information in the context of our unfolding lives.


6 thoughts on “Is Information the Solution to the Embryogenesis Puzzle?

  1. The order of ‘I just coined’ then defining it is out of order, leading to cognitive dissonance/crash space as something is said to exist…and then what it actually is is filled in, like, latter on. It’s the way words seem intimate, but as mechanical elements their configuration can end up as pins pressed into our brains, causing little epileptic fits.

  2. Susan says:

    OK off topic a bit. this is my opinion only on this day. DNA in human cell life. Toxins, pollution, other things can change (mutate) the DNA of living cells. Consider the carcinogins in cigarette smoke. That’s a common one. So a cluster of glandular cells can be damaged by that tobacco product and the glands continue to harbor the toxins but those same cells lay dormant in a living body, sometimes forever. Along comes a trigger. In glandular cells that can easily be an excess of estrogen, (HRT) a naturally occuring hormone in a human body, but combined with the toxic cells can produce a living growing thriving virus we termed as cancer. – – – – – – – Has anyone considered that we humans are the toxic living organisms and the cancer is the cure? It certainly does kill a lot of hosts. – – – OK, As for the beginning of life…… it’s here whether we know how it started or not. Is it that spiritual spark of life, or simply another trigger, releasing damaged cells to grow in a female human host. We’re the ones who named it life and death. We are so smugly arrogant we somehow think human life is at the top of the intelligence in the world. The top of the food chain. The inventors of G-d. The controllers of what we call nature. Hells Bells, I am becoming convinced we are the destoyers.

  3. Susan says:

    (sigh) I didn’t think my comment through on the day i posted it, which is why it was my opinion on that day only. I thought it through enough to state that We are destroying ourselves. We make the air and water unfit. We can’t be alive without either. But we won’t stop using energy or limit industry. The Earth always wins. It is a living thing. We are the destroyers. Including my household times Millions of others. I’m sorry to say I will probably continue heating my home and driving my car.

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